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I am the Purple Elf…

No I don’t work at the north pole, and no I don’t help Santa all year… I like to help teachers and students, with their eLearning needs.

I like to weave my ELF magic and help teachers and students with all their tech needs – I like to find solutions and ways to incorporate technology into education.

I have learnt over the years that education is not all about technology. Yes you heard right, it is not ALL about technology, there is still more these days than the intergeek, we still need to teach the ‘old school’ stuff… Being a teacher for 18 years, I have learnt that it is not adding ON the computer stuff, it is all about incorporating the computer stuff, making it a tool of the learning process.

If there is a better way to learn or teach I’ll go with it, if it means going back to butchers paper and Nicko – I’m in. If it means scratching my finger nails along a chalk board, than that’s what I will do!

I am all about teaching for learning.

Of course there is more to me than just being an ELF…

There is my spare time, where I am the mother of three beautiful children, and enjoying running. But of course I have to admit, what spare time?

Feel free to contact me…


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