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Term 1, 2019 – Where Did it Go?

I’m not quite sure what happened. Term 1 started and now we are just a few short days away from Term 2 starting. It just disappeared. On reflection, it was a hard term. One I was not quite prepared for. I had my ideas of how I was going to personalise my courses I’m just not sure I completely pulled it off…

In some classes I focussed on offering the same information at different reading levels. This worked for topics which had lots of information on a topic. Not so easy on more specialised topics.

In some classes, I focussed on offering the same information in different formats – videos, readings, tutorials, workshops. Again this worked for topics which had lots of information on them but not so much on more specialised topics. Though there was more available if it was a topic that is taught worldwide compared to subject matter only taught in the Australian curriculum. Or if I was looking for an Australian example, i.e. legal studies.

I tried self paced learning in one course. For some students this worked really well for others I am going to have to offer compulsory tutorials for after the holidays as they are so far behind.

I want students to work at their own pace and level so that they can experience success. I just don’t know how, especially in the new Queensland ATAR system. How do I accomplish this? There is such a limited time to cover the curriculum. The depth of the course is fantastic. I’m enjoying both teaching it and watching the students work with it. However, the time it takes to create resources and in some instances teach myself the concepts is eating into the time I would like to spend on personalising learning, offering feedback and working with students who require the additional assistance.

Hoping in the next two days inspiration for the new term hits!

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