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What Does It Look Like in Your Classroom? (Part 5)

ICT Capability is one of the general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.  One element is “Managing and Operating ICT”. This element involves students developing an ability to

  • Select and use hardware and software
  • Understand ICT systems
  • Manage digital data

So, what does this look like in your classroom?

  • Student selecting the right piece of equipment for the right job
  • Knowing what a keyboard, mouse, and monitor are
  • Saving and retrieving documents
  • Operating various software packages (word, excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, outlook, premiere pro, photoshop etc)
  • Identifying and comparing the use of the main components of a computer
  • Setting up folders to save files to in a logical manner (i.e. by term, by subject)
  • Being able to troubleshoot basic ICT issues (i.e. paper jam in printer)
  • Accessing OneDrive across devices
  • Using password protected files
  • Sharing documents
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