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Welcome to 2019

In just over a week the 2019 school year will be starting. This year I am going back to the classroom full time. After 9 years with only having one academic class I’m finding this thought a little bit daunting…

I am looking forward to the year I have six senior subjects and I’m excited to be trying to implement many of the ideas I have had over my career. I’m keen to meet my students and assist them in their journey to the next phase of their lives.

I have spent many years working on how I can personalise my classes. With only one class this is easy – I’m concerned how I’m going to manage this with six classes. My initial thinking and brainstorming has seen me incorporate the following into my initial lessons…

  • Each class will have their own check in day where I look at any homework, provide feedback, check learning goals
  • I’ve put together my data walls from the information I can find on my students
    • Last semesters English, Maths, Business, Economics, Accounting, History results
    • Most recent relevant aptitude test results
    • Learning Enhancement reports, IEPs, PLPs, EALD lists, gifted assessments
  • I’m asking students to complete a survey so I can get to know them a bit better

Would love to hear what you think…

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