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What does It Look Like in Your Classroom? (Part 2)

ICT Capability is one of the general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.  One element is “Investigating with ICT”.  This element involves students developing an ability to

  • Define and plan information searches
  • Locate, generate and access data and information
  • Select and evaluate data and information.


So, what does this look like in your classroom?

  • Using the library catalogue to locate information
  • Using a search engine to locate information
  • Use of mind maps to plan
  • Develop questions to guide research
  • Use of OneNote to take notes
  • Verifying the validity of the information provided
  • Explain the usefulness of the located information
  • In evaluating information creating explicit and implicit criteria
  • Use a range of digital resources including databases, newspapers, digital books, websites etc
  • Use simple search functions like key words
  • Use advanced search tools like selected country, time frame, file type, language, domain, etc
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