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What does It Look Like in Your Classroom? (Part 1)

ICT Capability is one of the general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum. One element is “Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT”. This element involves students developing an ability to

  • Recognise intellectual property
  • Apply digital information security practices
  • Apply personal security protocols
  • Identify the impacts of ICT in Society

So, what does this look like in your classroom?

  • Conversations about ownership of resources
  • Acknowledging sources when researching
  • Correct referencing conventions
  • Conversations about ethical dilemmas such as downloading of video content
  • Conversations about protecting digital information i.e. personal information
  • Use of passwords (including the sharing of passwords)
  • Updating notebooks (computers) when requested
  • Conversations about the sharing of personal information in online environments i.e. on social media
  • Conversations around socially acceptable protocols when using ICT to collaborate with online communities i.e. discussion boards
  • Conversations about how ICT is used at home and at school
  • Conversations around the value and role of ICT at home, at school and in the community
  • Identify with students the positive and negative impacts of ICT on their lives


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