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#FutureSchools Day 3

After 3 days of conference, my brain reached capacity today!  It was day two of the Future Schools Future Leaders Conference.  (If you want to read, my ramblings from day 1 click HERE)

There were a number of ideas that I connected with…

  • Pedagogy before technology – always!
  • Fitness coach instead of a HPE class
  • Teachers provide feedback on mastery
  • TtDESC and ISDCN Project are important – keep sharing the love
  • Positive Education is going in the right direction at our school
  • Wellbeing is like the weather
  • The need to inspire staff
  • Clean the fish tank don’t just treat the sick fish

The following extended my thinking…

  • Fixed time vs flexible time vs independent time
  • Gant charts for the students to manage their time
  • Go back to the rational of the DigiTech curriculum documents – remember the purpose don’t just be a check list of yes we have done this
  • Realise the potential and the ideas behind the DigiTech curriculum
  • Introduce more brain breaks – Thumbs – if same clap if different continue
  • To move forward we all need purpose – why am I doing this?

Lastly, I am being challenged by the following – perhaps it just needs more research…

  • Use icons to indicate the type of task – visual aid to assist students
  • Need to contact Melbourne Girls Grammar to find out more about their flexible time and independent time
  • Being prepared enough for students to select their own due dates
  • Read Purple Cow by Seth Godin
  • How can we connect more projects to cover the content areas and give more time to go in depth into the curriculum instead of just the surface
  • Time to Audit and Reflect the use of STEM
  • My own negative bias
  • Me TV/the school show
  • Disrupt the model of education
  • Need to contact Templestowe College to find out more about their flexible learning programmes

Would love to hear your feedback.

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