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#FutureSchools Day 2

I often walk away from conferences exhausted.  My brain is full, ideas are slowly forming, and I usually have a long list of things I want to try or at least research a bit further.  I wonder if this is how kids feel at the end of the school day.  Exhausted, brain full and a long list of homework…

Today has been no different.  I attended the first day of the Future Schools Future Leaders Conference.  (If you want to read, my ramblings from the masterclass click HERE)

There were a number of ideas that I connected with…

  • The learning Eco system and needing to remember it is extensive (school, home, work, uni, church, library, maker spaces, nature, museums, etc)
  • Change the mindset students will lead a life of learning rather than be a lifelong learner
  • Creating learning communities instead of just having cells and bells.
  • Needing to build from the imagination instead of from the known
  • Having permission to innovate
  • The reminder that “Together we Grow”
  • Personal Based assessment when the student is ready

The following extended my thinking…

  • The 6 edges of innovations (youth, Co-teaching/co-learning, time/place, technology, curriculum/assessment and thinking)
  • The idea of Place-Based Learning
  • Implementing Ipsative (personally based) assessment in the curriculum
  • Innovative Thinking Skills

Lastly, I am being challenged by the following – perhaps it just needs more research…

  • Where do I learn best…  Not at work…  I learn best at 3am in the dark by myself and online
  • Perhaps school is not the place to learn anymore and we need to be adaptive to this as educators
  • The need to do a SAMR Analysis of our teaching staff
  • Complete a Digital Distractions Census
  • Minecraft possibilities
  • Why can’t we have a Genius bar in the back of our classroom?
  • Contact

Would love to hear your feedback.

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