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Last year I was at a two day workshop looking at the future of education…  One of the first series of questions looked at…
Who are you as a learner?
What is learning?
How do you learn?
Define it…
This is was my rough as guts response….
Learning is the acquiring of new knowledge or skills and the cementing of old knowledge or skills.  It is challenging the existing knowledge and then adjusting it to meet the requirements.   I learn best by having a go.  I can read or hear about a topic however until I implement it or try it I cannot see how it will work for me.  I am a learner who wants to try new things, to think and mull and find what is going to work for me.  I inhale and breath…  I want to play and move, hear and see…  I need space…  I want to talk with other people I want to build on the ideas generated.  Shared knowledge is important to me.  No one person can ever know everything.
Learning must be…
Continual, Experiencing, Meaningful and have Purpose, Formal and Informal, Holistic, Individual and Communal, Able to be Applied, Challenging, Engaging, Authentic, a Failure, Lifelong, Interests, Passion
After revisiting the notes this week it resonated with me again so I thought I’d post it.
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