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Department of Me…

Due to a restructure for a part of 2015 I have been a department of ONE (and a bit).  This last 15 weeks has really taught me a lot.

I have to admit I do like to say “yes” when someone wants me to help them.  I feel it is part of my job.  As an ELF I’m there to help.  That’s ok when you have a teaching partner and you can spread the love.  However when there is one of you and a new system has been implemented you really can’t say “yes” to everyone.   The thing is I actually started to say “I’m sorry however I can’t help you at this time”.  I was surprised at the effect.  With most staff it resulted in them trying to solve the problem themselves and coming back with a more pedagogical question.  A question which I definitely had time for.

There was that small group of staff who just threw up their hands and said I won’t do it.  When I asked them a few weeks later their response was I don’t like the system so I’m not going to use it.  An offer of lets sit down and look at it next term I was met with a you won’t have time for me.  It had become personal.

Realising I am going to be a department of me for around another 4 weeks I decided to look at ways I could effectively expand my reach without stretching myself to the limit…  I discovered a webinar entitled exactly that “1, 2, 3 S-T-R-E-T-CH! Expanding Your Reach as a Department of One”.  And I have learnt that I need to have my own mission statement and priorities in order to effectively do my job.  So while not perfect I have decided Term 2 is about meeting my own mission statement and priorities so I can do my job…

To provide quality and innovative learning programs, ICT and pedagogical tools and ideas, which are in-line the college’s strategic directions.

Wish me luck

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