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Foundations of Teaching for Learning…

I recently started a Coursera course entitled Foundations of Teaching for Learning.  I have to admit that I signed up because I was interested in unit 3, 6 and 8 of the course (I’ve only just started unit 2) and felt that I’d struggle with those units if I didn’t complete the other 5.  I have finished unit 1 and was pleasantly surprised.  While the course presents itself as a an introductory course to teaching (i.e. you have never taught before) I found that I still learnt a lot.

Gold key

The key was “for learning”.  This isn’t a course about teaching.  It’s a course about learning and how to teach for learners.


Some of the “keys” I took away….

  • Students learn through different contexts allowing them to be individuals and as a teacher I need to differentiate more to cater for this
  • I need to incorporate more social, contextual learning
  • Teachers need to use social, contextual learning for their own PD
  • If you nurture teachers you nurture students
  • Understanding the concept of nested contexts (school is a context within a students life context)
  • Me, You, Space, Time learning
  • To be a teacher is just as important as being a teacher
  • Make thinking visible
  • Asking students and yourself “what did I learn in school today?”
  • Learning to read the room
  • The purpose of assessment

I look forward to the Key learnings from unit 2 to 8….

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