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It’s Hard to be a Kid!

I didn’t realise until the last few weeks just how hard it is to be a kid in High School.

I know as an adult I would love to redo high school and with all the knowledge I have now.  Life would have been very different I am sure.  My 13 year old was ill and landed in hospital.  While she is getting better now it did require surgery and two weeks off school.  It has also meant a third week with part days as she regains strength to go back to school full time.

I forgot how much the social aspect plays in a teenagers life at school.  Its hard to try and catch up the number of assessment pieces, homework and class tasks for 3 weeks without adding the missing social information.

A lot happens in a teenager’s life in a day.  Friends break up, get together and break up again…  I know that in the grand scheme of things not much really happened however the affect on the teenager doesn’t reflect that.  Its like the world fell apart and they need to bring it back together again.

Maybe the key to getting better is the social…  Maybe the key to catching up the academic is the social…  Maybe the key to success is the social…  and Maybe the key to learning is the social…

Random thoughts!

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