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Spent some time investigating Online Quiz sites over the last week – for an idea I’m having for differentiated learning…  While I haven’t worked out the fine details I thought that I would share what I discovered on Quiz sites.  Here are my favourites from my investigation…

eQuizShow (

Create and browse quizes. Set out in a grid, students select from the grid. Once the question is answered verbally, students can then check the answer and click if the question is correct or incorrect. There is a choice of 2500 templates.

ImageQuiz (

Using a single image you can create a quiz by labeling the image. Choose from a number of already created quizzes on topics from Maths, Geography, Languages, Music, Science, History, IT.

Classmarker (

Online tests and exams. Easy to create quizzes and questions. Allows for randomized questions and answers, time limits, images, documents and YouTube clips. Quizzes can be embedded into your workspace/site. Choice of multiple choice, short answer, or essay style questions. Requires registration which is free to create the quiz.

Testmoz (

Quick quiz generator which doesn’t require any registration. Allows up to 50 questions including true/false, multiple choice, multiple response and fill in the blank, automatic grading and password protected.

QuizSlides (

While I think this would be easy enough to pull off in PowerPoint I do admit the self marking is a great option.  Simply upload your PowerPoint slides and tell the site what the correct answer is and off you go.  There is a choice of exam or quiz mode.  The difference is in quiz mode students have multiple chances to answer the question while in exam mode there is only 1 chance to answer.


Would love to hear what your favourite sites are for online quizzes!

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