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Flippin’ Over…

This year we are being challenged as a staff to take on three goals.  One is based on the Strategic Directions, one is a team goal and the other is a personal goal.  My personal goal this year has been to

Increase my knowledge and challenge my understanding of the flipped classroom to support teachers to improve independent and personalised learning so that I can support differentiation and personalised learning experiences in the classroom.

I had many years ago, when the Flipped Classroom concept first appeared, written it off as a phase, a fad of teaching.  Just the latest buzz word.

The main reason for this was because I didn’t think sending the “lecture” home was good practice.  Maybe this is because I have never been much of a lecturer I much prefer to let students explore knowledge and spend my time answering questions and working with students in a tutorial style lesson.

Well that belief has been challenged this year…

…this was due to a classroom observation.  They had flipped the classroom without sending the work home.  Students watched the videos and took notes within the lesson time.  And the videos were then available throughout the week.  What hit me the most was the teacher didn’t just offer a video.  The students had readings, examples, videos, podcasts and websites which they could choose from.  They all had the same activities to complete they just had a choice of how they could investigate the concept (which in this case was graphing and manipulation of data).

I am still thinking about how this could be applied in my classroom…  And how I can support differentiation and personalised learning with the staff I work with through the “Flipped Classroom” but at least I have not written it (the flipped classroom) off as an unsound teaching technique!


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