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I’ve not posted for a little while as I’ve been super busy.  I decided to take a Course on Gamification.  And while I thoroughly enjoyed the course it took up a bit more of my time than I thought it would.  However the time spent on it was well worthwhile as I have come away with a number of takeaways…

  • I have a better understanding of games and game design – not something I had previously connected with gamification (I know a little bit crazy not to make that connection)
  • Understanding the history behind gamification and how it came about – did you know its been around for about 100 years and started as the toy surprises in a cereal box!
  • Understanding the difference between games and play – freedom vs structure
  • Goals of Gamification – Get into the game and keep them playing the game
  • The element of fun is key – Many things contribute to fun – winning, problem solving, exploring, chilling out, teamwork, recognition, triumphing, collecting, surprise, imagination, sharing, role playing, customisation and goofing off
  • Understanding the types of fun and finding it – easy, hard, people or serious fun
  • Game Elements – constraints, emotions, narrative, progression, relationships
  • Game Mechanics – challenges, chance, cooperation, competition, feedback, resource acquisition, rewards, transactions, turns, win states
  • Game components – achievements, avatars, badges, boss fights, collections, combat, content unlocking, gifting, leader boards, points, levels, quests, social graphs, teams, virtual goods
  • Motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic – the effect of reward structures
  • Gamification Design Framework – Define objectives, Delineate target behaviours, describe players, devise activity loops, don’t forget the fun, deploy tools

While I am not sure where this will lead in my classroom right this minute I am still mulling it over in my head…

Will let you know where it leads…

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  1. Dear mrs. A, thank you for linking to my blog! I am writing my thesis on gamification in e-learning, so I can help you find out more about the topic if you want to. Best, Robert

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