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Where Has the Year Gone?

I know we are only at the end of Term 1, however the last 9 weeks have flown past quicker than a blink of an eye.

I feel like I didn’t do anything on my to-do list.  What this really means is that I just kept adding to my to-do list instead of tackling the things that were already there!!  During the term I spoke with a number of staff about their organisational styles and how they cope with the never ending to do list.  If you have read my site for awhile you would know how I organise my life .  However in the conversations I had this term I was interested in how others organised themselves.  Some staff use sticky notes (both virtual and real), while others use a variety of programs to track their to-do list virtually on Apple devices, Android devices or mobile phones.  One staff member told me that she adds everything she does to the list so that at the end of each day she knows what she has accomplished even if it wasn’t on the list at the beginning of the day.

So looking back at the last 9 weeks of term 1 I have accomplished many things including…

  • Run workshops for staff on Managing Multiple Devices
  • Setup a number of workspaces with staff
  • Sent out 9 Tip of the week emails
  • Worked with Year 4 with their new laptops
  • Setup Profile Cards and moved the project forward
  • Investigated Apps
  • Worked on a Staff Well-being Project
  • Classroom Observations
  • Workspace Redesign

Not to mention the numerous meetings, and day to day tasks we cram into our days.


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