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Interesting How Toddlers Learn…

My youngest child is a few months short of his 3rd birthday and over the last few months I have been fascinated by what he learns each day.  I don’t remember my other two children learning the same way however that may just be a result of me being home all day everyday with them and the learning curve not being so obvious to me.

Mr Two seems to acquire a whole new vocabulary each day.  I sometimes wonder how come I can’t learn a whole new vocabulary each day.  It would be handy.  I’ve noticed recently that when he is trying to understand something he kind of tilts his head to the side to listen and repeats it over and over again until he is convinced he is right.  I’m not sure how this helps.  I guess like when I learn I reread it over and over again and then I have a go at trying to do whatever it is I am learning.

I’m sure we all learnt a similar way when we were younger.  I guess this is how we learn as toddlers.  I’d be interested to see or hear about how toddlers really learn…  might leave that investigation for another day…

…Today the toddler wore me out!


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  1. I wonder if they’re already showing a learning style preference so young. For example he was repeating words – perhaps he’s going to be a very audible learner? Whereas toddlers who are drawn to bright colours and drawing at a young age might become very visual learners. Their tiny minds sure are interesting!

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