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Is There a Site that Does That for ME…

The Question Is What Is the Question?There has been a lot of talk lately about Gamification in Education.  I have been having this conversation with some of my teachers lately who are interested in how they could potentially implement this in their classrooms.  While talking with one staff member she asked if there was a website that just did it (gamify the lesson) .  While there are many sites that can assist in Gamifying the classroom I don’t believe there is one such site.  (I’m still sussing out my ideas on this and will fill you in when I have more to share.)

What this led me to think about was not necessarily the gamification side but the need/want for websites to just do the task for me.  While this teacher is not alone in wanting a site that just does what she wanted it to do.  ( I mean to say I have been guilty of this before).  I started to wonder if we are now relying too much on technology to just do the tasks and lesson plans we used to just create off the top of our heads.

Have we lost our creativity?  Or are we just so pressed for time that its easier to take something that is already created?  Or are we being smart and taking time saving measures so that we are not reinventing the wheel?

Maybe the answer is in Gamification and creating something new…

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