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Do you Google Yourself?

English: photo of someone wearing a Google NOO...I was asked this week by a friend if I have ever Googled myself.  My response was an easy one.  Yes!  In fact I Google myself and my kids once a month, in the many variations and nicknames that our names can have.  Many of you will think that this is overkill and perhaps it is, however, I like to know what people are saying on the internet about me. I think it is important as an educator to make sure that I control (as much as I can) what is posted.  I want to have a positive digital footprint.  As for Googling my children it is so that I know that they are being cybersafe and not revealling too much of themselves online.

As the conversation evolved I discovered the reason for asking was that in a job interview my friend has been asked if the entries on Rate My Teacher were an honest reflection of who they are as a teacher.  My friend then had to admit they were unaware of what was actually posted on the site.  I guess as more and more of our lives are digitised there is a need to make sure that what is posted online is a true reflection of who we are.

In this case my friend was lucky, what was posted was positive, however, it could have been so much worse.  So what do you do if you don’t like what is said?  Easy REPORT IT…  each site has its own reporting system so just follow the instructions they offer in their FAQs.

And my advice…  Google yourself reguarly (without being signed in!) to see what is being said about you because no doubt at some time in the future an employer will Google You!


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