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What Does Best Practice…

There has been a lot of talk lately about best practice in teaching.  As teachers we are always seeking to be the best we can be in the classroom.  We try to implement new technologies, new teaching practices, new pedagogies…  We do many hours of professional reading, attend hours of professional development and develop our professional learning networks so to further ourselves as teachers.

All so we can be the best we can be at the job we love to do… Teaching our students.

So what does Best Practice…

Look like?

Sound like?

Feel like?

And how do we capture it so that we can share it with our profession?  Because without a doubt that perfect lesson then one we want to share is never the one we catch on film, the one admin never comes to see and the one we can never recreate when we want to!

Would love to hear your ideas of how to capture best practice or indeed what you think best practice looks like…

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  1. A good thing to consider no doubt. What is best practice now, may not be next year. I wrote a Masters Paper titled ‘When Sharing Best Practice is Best Practice Itself’. My thinking is that a commitment to developing the craft, reflecting and sharing in a positive community of learners (students and teaching peers), then you will find best practice…whatever it is!

    • MrsAngell

      I like the thought that sharing Best Practice is Best Practice itself. Would love to read your findings if you wish to share them. Contact me via twitter (@mrsangell)

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