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Folders and iDevices…

As you can see from the screen shots below I like my folders on my iDevices

The last time I needed to reset my iPad and iPhone back to factory settings it took me forever to move all my apps back into the folder that I want them in. Recently I needed to reset my iDevices again I decided there had to be a quicker and easier way to keep my folders.  After a bit of advice from a number of sites (see related articles below) I kind of pieced together how this could be done.

This is my version which I found worked for my devices…

  1. Create the original backup through iTunes (name it something really obvious).
  2. In General Settings, go into Reset and tap “Erase all content and settings”. The iDevice will then ask you if you really want to do this twice.
  3. Connect the iDevice to iTunes.
  4. Click on the device in iTunes.  Do NOT leave the Summary Page. Leaving the Summary Page is what causes the folders not to copy across.
  5. Restore from the backup you created earlier. Do NOT leave the Summary Page.
  6. Disconnect

If something goes wrong and the folders don’t copy.  Don’t panic.  If you stay connected to iTunes…

  1. Right click the name of the device.
  2. Click “Restore from backup”
  3. Click “Restore” again. DO NOT LEAVE THE SUMMARY PAGE.
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