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How Fast will the Future get Here???

I’ve had a number of interesting conversations lately about the past and the future.  Usually stemming from something the people around me have read, seen or heard.  As it was I recently read Maggie Hos-McGrane’s Blog Tech Transformation and the article about being Hyperconnected and Always On.  Now I know that the post was more about the different generations and the different technology waves that have occurred however that is not what what I took from the post…

The post talked about the generations – silent, baby boomer, generation X, NetGeneration, iGeneration and Generation C and how they used to be 20 to 25 years each an now they are more like 10 years each.  It went on to discuss the various waves…

The agricultural wave – it took 3,000 years for technology to be integrated into agriculture

The industrial wave – this took 300 years

The computer wave – this took 30 years

The informational wave – this took 3-5 years

The communication wave – this took 3-5 years

The biotechnology wave – we are about to enter this one

Looking at this I started to wonder if we are now down to 3 years a wave does that mean the next lot of waves are going to be more like 3 months….

I know that I feel like life is passing really quickly (whether that is my children or age I’m not sure) however if we are starting to create new things so fast what is it going to be like for our children and the children we teach.

I really feel for Generation AO – I’m not sure we as teachers from the Baby Boomers, Generation X, the NetGeneration are really going to be able to keep up with the iGeneration, Generation C and Generation AO.  Perhaps its time to put educational policy in the hands of the students.

We have a lot to learn as educators…

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