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Maybe We Need to Ban the Classroom…

I know that I’m a bit behind in my podcast listening HOWEVER  this week I was listening to my current favourite podcast “Teacher 2.0”  the episode which caught my attention as I was running along was titled “Chalk Markets Plunge!”  in it from The Clever Sheep Blog was explaining his view on the Ages of Education.  He believes that there are 3 ages of education:

  1. The Slate and Chalk Age – mid 1800s to present
  2. The Paper and Pen Era – 1900s to present
  3. The Web and Keyboard Period – 2000s to present

And that if we really are to move forward in education then we need to ban chalk.

This had me thinking…  maybe we need to ban the classroom in its current form…  Why are we so concerned that learning happens in a box.  Learning now happens anywhere and everywhere.  If we are to move into the Web and Keyboard Period perhaps we need to recognised that learning happens in a classroom, at home, on the net, on paper and even with or without chalk.  Learning is now about the experiences not the tools nor the place…

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