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Year in Review…

As many people seem to be doing at this time of year I thought that I would look back at what has been 2011 for me professionally.


  • School Help Site set up with pages ready to go for the year
  • Successful implementation of the Problem Based Approaches Intel Teach Course
  • Digital Profile Cards
  • Maintained my IB Economics class as well as my ELF Duties
  • Differentiation in my IB Economics class (Each student had a different plan)
  • LOTE conferences
  • PLN Training for staff
  • Multi-Modal Assessment and Class Tasks
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Year 6 Exhibition Workshops
  • Implementation of OneNote in some sections of the school
  • Basketball Tour Site


  • I worked too many weekends
  • I worked too many nights
  • Trying to be someone else
  • Not spending enough time with my family


To the Future…

I have a lot to work on in 2012.    This I need to think about more…

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