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If I See Another PowerPoint Presentation I’m going to screammmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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This is a very dear subject to my heart.  As a business and economics teacher I really do hate seeing 28 presentations on a topic which all say the same thing and all look the same.  Recently I presented at the Qsite Conference and I was extremely surprised at the number of people who hadn’t really thought about this.  I get bored easily.  I want to see students put their own personalities into their work.  If I want to see the same 28 presentations I could just watch my own over and over and over again.

Why do teachers find it so hard to let students use their imaginations?  I have seen some amazing examples of letting students go nuts with their imagination and a multi-modal piece of assessment.  Radio interviews with Mother Nature to explain Global Warming, Students bringing in Row Boats to explain the concept of Imports and Exports, Websites, Trade Displays, Role Plays, Sock Puppets…

The best part is the learning which takes place without theme even realising it!

Here are my presentations from the conference on the Multi-Modal Assessment.  I have had to remove the student examples due to privacy.  Happy to discuss this further…

Multi-Modal Assessment Presentation

Multi-Modal Assessment Handout

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  1. Lorraine Munro

    I agree. (although I work with early years and we haven’t done power points!) if you teach a youngster and you want them to present on it surely you don’t want 28 of the same presentations that just show they have been able to copy what you have taught them. I would want 28 children showing their initiative and creativity by taking what they have learned and showing how well they have understood it by putting their own mark on it.

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