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Scream - Day 29, Year 2

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There is no other way to explain it.  Our school year starts on Monday that is two days away.  As I sit here in the dark writing, its midnight on Friday night and I can’t sleep.  I can’t sleep because I have never, ever, EVER felt so unprepared for Day One in my teaching life.  I have been teaching for seven years and with the exception of last year (where I was on maternity leave for the first six weeks of Term One) I have never not had Term One planned to at least to Week Five.  This year I am rushed.  I am rushed because everyone is rushed.  I am stressed because everyone around me seems to be stressing.

This year I’m doing my ELF role AND taking on an academic class and not just any academic class its a Year 12 IB Economics.  Our PD days like every other year have been planned down to the minute.  Usually this hasn’t phased me because I am planned and calm but this year I’m pushing my luck.  This year preperation week seems to have just disappeared.

Day 1 – your general intro to the year and this is the direction we want to take includes a bit on our new e-learning environment and time management (this is funny!!)

Day 2 – Habits of Mind – something we so desperately needed – was a brilliant session and I learned a whole heap of things to take into the classroom

Day 3 – Public Holiday (yes a breather) – spent… you guessed it… working!!!

Day 4 – Understanding by Design and Differentiation – again a great session and I have a good tool kit to go into the classroom with

Day 5 – Department Planning, E-Learning Environments, and various meetings depending on what you teach. – today

This was the hardest day of all.  As one of the E-Learning Facilitators I spent the day going from planning session to planning session assisting staff with their E-Learning Environments.  This was great however as the day wore on and more and more things went wrong and patience was tested.  It got harder.  So now I need to write my to-do list and try and get some sleep so that tomorrow (well today now!!) I can try and plan at least my first lesson and hope that I find the time to complete the tasks on my ELF to-do list (132), my classroom teacher to-do list (62) and my parent to-do list (44).

And this just about sums it up….


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