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Last week I attended the BEA (Business Educators Australasia) Conference, the conference was really good.  It’s always interesting to see conferences for various subject areas and the information you can gather.  In a previous life I was a business teacher and it’s nice to network with teachers who have brilliant ideas in the teaching of business and any subject for that matter.  In my new life I am at the conference as I’m one of their technology speakers.  When I agreed to speak I asked if there would be internet access for delegates as this would form part of my presentation.  I was assured there was.  I asked if delegates would have their own computers and was shocked to hear that they would have access only through the computers offered during my session.  But at least they would have a computer.  I asked if I could use my own computer and would I have access to internet while at the conference.  Yes we have wireless available for presenters.  Awesome I would still have net access.  However as I discovered when I arrived at the conference the access was only available during my presentation.  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Maybe I’ve been spoilt at the conferences I’ve attended in the past but in 2010 is it really acceptable not to offer net access to all your delegates?  Especially a business educators conference when we are offering strands in incorporating technology?  I have to admit three days without internet access has been hard and I feel very disconnected from the world and my PLN.

Missed you all!!


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