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Basic ICT Skills – Doesn't Everyone Have Them?

I had the opportunity yesterday to assist at a PD session on the use of Word, PowerPoint, and Audacity.  Things that I’m sure a majority of teachers take advantage of everyday sometimes to the detriment of learning.  Now this was a session for those who felt they had a beginner level.  I was surprised.  I have been spoilt working at a school with a high level of technology.  Now I know that not all schools offer the PD that is required to keep up to date with the latest technology but surely at least everyone can use Word and PowerPoint.  I was proved wrong yesterday.  And was wondering if this was a major mistake of those of us in education – the assumption that everyone can use Word and PowerPoint.  Do we ever really teach our staff or students for that matter the correct way to use these tools?

Basic skills such as inserting WordArt, Pictures, Symbols or manipulating these to display the way you want them to.  Adding transitions and sounds to slides to make them viewable without the teacher.  Just using these basic skills to make nicely displayed worksheets with lots of colour or using PowerPoint to create flashcards.

Perhaps our failure to our students is not making sure that our teachers have the basic ICT skills to create the resources which keep them engaged in learning.

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